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Lissette Ro

South Florida,, United States



Want to learn more about LissetteRo ? Have a question or comment? Would you like Lissette to speak about her first-hand experience as a living organ donor or as a brain tumor survivor?  Please fill out contact form for booking request or any questions you may have.  Thank you for stopping by.

I offer  half-hour phone consultations to discuss the topics that I have first hand experience with and can try to assist you the best I can.


-Affiliate Advertising (how to get started)

-Social Media and Branding

-Meningioma Survival

-Organ Donation (living donors)

Phone Consultation

Mommy Warrior|Bilingual|Blogger|Network Marketing & Social Media|Mompreneur|Organ Donor Advocate|Believer  in LOA|Photographer|Author in Progress|Brand Ambassador|Passion for Inspiring Others